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Company description

Technobis Group is an industrial holding based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands and is active in the development and production of high-tech measurement equipment and components. Technobis consists of three business units:

  • Technobis System Supplier (TSS) is specialized in carrying out complete product development projects, going from a concept to a successful turn-key product, prototype, pre-series and series production. It develops and manufactures mainly turn-key medical equipment for leading European medical, life-science and high-tech industries.
  • Technobis Crystallization Systems (TCS) is a leading technology provider for solid state research, process development and formulation. TCS develops and produces measurement equipment like crystallization systems, in order to very precisely measure the solubility properties for drug development by pharmaceutical companies and other life sciences customers.
  • Integrated Photonic Sensing (IPS) is specialized in the research, development, engineering and production of Integrated Photonic Sensing modules and systems. The company develops and supplies fibre optic sensing systems and applications based on its proprietary integrated photonics technology. Its proprietary technology provides sensing solutions to a range of industries such as aerospace, medical, mobility and energy markets worldwide. In addition, IPS is a solution provider for PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuits) evaluation & packaging by supplying dedicated and mid-range volume packaging services.

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Investment rational

Technobis Group is at the forefront of technological innovation through unique technical know-how, in-house R&D capabilities and proprietary technological solutions. The business is built on longstanding relationships with blue-chip customers that develop innovative (medical) equipment, its proprietary products provide pharmaceutical and life-sciences customers with high-value add crystallization systems used in laboratories world wide and its integrated photonic sensing solutions is a game changer for the sensing market. These attractive end markets are well served by Technobis through technical know-how and proprietary technology and are supported by attractive market fundamentals. We believe that the Technobis and ACC team are highly complementary to each other, in which the technology and customer first culture of the Technobis team is fostered and complimented with the strategic, financial and commercial support of ACC. Jointly and supported through the new organizational structure the company is ideally positioned to successfully execute on the business plan of the three business units. The scale-up and commercialization of the proven and ground-breaking proprietary technology of IPS through the development of application specific measurement systems and an in-house back-end foundry packaging facility provide significant growth potential. Building on the technological know-how and investments in proprietary technology of the past decades, we are bringing to market unique value-add integrated photonic sensing solutions that disrupt a wide range of industries.