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Company description

Lantor develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality non-woven products for industrial applications. Most important end-markets for Lantor are the cable-, composites- and construction sector. Lantor has offices in The Netherlands and Germany and serves its customers worldwide. The company has 180 employees and manufactures and sells 50 million square metre of nonwoven material. Most important customers of Lantor are large cable manufacturers, distributors of composite materials, yacht builders and end-users in the construction sector.


Investment rationale

Lantor has a strong market position combined with a diversified portfolio of end-users. The company has sufficient in-house knowledge and develops leading products for attractive markets. Significant growth is expected in the most important end-markets. The extensive R&D department delivers state-of-the-art solutions to customers and the company has a strong reputation with well known brand names.

The previous owner sold Lantor because the fund Lantor was a part of was terminated. This provided Active Capital Company the opportunity to purchase the company in collaboration with the operational director.


Value creation Active Capital Company

Active Capital Company has assigned a new CEO (Daan Koppen de Neve) and will, together with the management team, aim to realize growth of the company. Focus areas will be:

  • Revenue: support of sales by product-market combinations and geographic choices
  • Margin: change focus to production and sales of high value added products
  • Costs: cost reduction by optimization of the manufacturing processes
  • Organization: enforcement of organization in order to realize growth
  • Working capital: central inventory management, strict credit management

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"The close involvement of ACC as our shareholder is of great value for Lantor. But most importantly, the cooperation is very pleasant." CEO - Lantor